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Welcome   to   the   RED   PRIDE   WEBRING!!!

Boozhoo! Welcome to the Red Pride Webring Homepage! This ring is dedicated to the hope and future of American Indian and Indigenous people. I am currently Constructing this ring and would like you all out there to submit URL's to me at I will preview your page and hook it up with my webring! Or, if you prefer, you can fill out the submission form below. While this page works as the headquarters for the Red Pride Webring, it also happens to be my own personal homepage--so you will find links to stuff I like and my Ojibwe culture as well as everything native! So even if you are an American Indian or Indigenous person (Chicano/Chicana included) and you have a site just about yourself- SUBMIT IT!!! We need to make known who we are as a people and unite for our rights!!! This is our land and we should not let the theives think they have WON!!! Remember people, it's better to "Die on our feet than to live on our knees" and "Any day is a good day to die..." Mii Gwetch for your time.

This site owned by --Amy--.
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